Editor’s Notes

Editor’s Notes

Welcome to Volume Five of IMPUMELELO!  With this volume, we begin a two volume set of special issues.

Under the Guest Editorship of Peter Alegi, Associate Professor of History, Michigan State University, the journal will present three papers on South Africa and sport.  These papers, by Hendrik Snyder and Derek Catsam and drawn from a Sports History Conference held in 2008 in South Africa, provide valuable substance and background to the history of that country’s sport. Given the international focus on South Africa in 2010, the articles are especially relevant.  We are very pleased to be able to present these and are especially grateful for Professor’s Alegi’s suggestion that we do so and for his role as Guest Editor.  Peter’s Introduction for this issue firmly establishes the need for such publications.

Second is another book review by Jenny McArdle, the Assistant Editor of the journal. Although this book is not focused on Africa, “it is a story of our global humanity and the power of sport—in this case soccer—to unite communities, overcome adversity, provide hope, and positively change lives,” in Jenny’s words.  That alone makes it worthwhile and a valuable addition.

I am confident that you will find this issue of the journal interesting and informative.  I welcome your comments and suggestions for topics, articles, and suggestions for future issues,

Bob J. Walter
General Editor


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